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The RedBull MotoGP at Indianapolis Motor Speedway is this weekend. Riders started arriving in town on Thursday with scheduled events starting on Friday. Saturday night is what they call "Motorcycles on Meridian". The circle downtown is blocked off for only bikes along with 4 square blocks to the south. You just ride in @ one of the 4 entrances and cruise the area or park and walk around.
Last year they were at full capacity but only had 2 blocks closed for it. It is cool looking at all there. I love the ones from out of state as you will most likely only see them once. I enjoyed working the last 2 days and seeing them cruising around town as I made my deliveries. I found that if I give the bikers wave as they come at me or catch up to pass me, at least 8 out of 10 wave back.
Just wanted to share and say I love this time and the friendliness of these guests to our city.
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