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lost keys

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Hello Everybody, New to the group. lost keys to 2002 Volusia Intruder 800. Thinking of getting new ignition w/ fuel door on ebay. What is the procedure o pull the ignition barrel ? Just want to get it right, Worked on my own Harleys, never a volusia. Dealer wants 200 60 on ebay and amazon with the fuel door. Appreciate !
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That price sounds a little steep, but I haven't been checking.
hopefully your experience will remind many here who have no extra key to stop putting it off and just get one your scenerio, hope it goes well at a reasonable cost...bottom!t happens.
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Welcome from Kennesaw GA!

No experience with swapping out the ignition, but lots of people on here have done it before. Hang tight and someone smarter than me will be along shortly.
Using the site's search feature, and the key words LOST KEY, will bring you back a lot of info.

This thread, although several years old now, offers a good compendium of discussion.

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