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Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I’d share a local central Indiana legend with ya’ll. First some background facts, in 1953 James Dean was in New York filming an episode on the **** Powel drama hr. He bought a new Triumph and the guy who was pulling wrenches at that shop where he bought the scoot was another budding actor trying to break into show biz, his name was Steve McQueen. They had a lot in common, both being from Indiana, Dean from Fairmont, and McQueen from Beach Grove, both were getting-into show biz, and both had a love for motorcycles.
They became good friends, and when they had time off both would go to Fairmont and hang out together ridding their Trimphs. Those are facts, now the legend, it’s said that
on autumn nights during the full moon, if you go to where Rt26, and Rt 13 intersect you can hear Steve McQueen, and James Dean racing around on their Triumphs, some say they actually heard them talking to each other as they road.
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