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I see well deserved post expressing appreciation for the beautiful colors that come with the changing seasons.

It is also a time to remember that the falling leaves hide a danger to bikes and their riders in the same way that sand and gravel do as the remnants of winter.

Ride safe out there.

Those leaves are slippery and hide a danger that we may not recognize.

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One of the most dangerous devices ever designed is the leaf blower.

Prior to these blowers, people raked their leaves and grass clippings into piles, and often picked them up or bagged them or burned them.

Then the leaf blower, and formerly decent human beings started blowing all their lawn **** into the street. Grass, leaves, makes no difference. While it plugs drains and gutters, those on two wheels are the ones who really know how evil loose grass and leaves can really be.

It is a good reminder, thanks. Wet paint, manholes, and grease spots also become extra slippery in damp weather.
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