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I looked at the instructions... they leave so much to be desired. I am sure that this is a well hashed out topic, but I either need more detailed instructions or I will have to fork out $400.00 to have someone do it for me. I know I can do it myself if there is something out there better than what thunder and kuryakyn sent me. I have searched the threads, and found one mildly helpful but someone sent the questioner a PM with the instructions and that wasn't helpful to others with the same question.

Okay, 5 hours later here I am, feeling more confident, I have learned a few things and completed the job.
BUT, my bike runs slower now. I used the 142 main jet, the 45 pilot jet, set the float needle at the second notch and 2.5 turns on the fuel mix screw. The butterflies don't fully open past a 45 degree angle.
Before I could do 105mph or so (volusias are not inherently fast at top speed) but now I was struggling for 91mph, and it is just sluggish all around. ** I dont normally travel at those speeds. I was using it as a refrence to see if something was wrong.
Any thoughts. I will be making a new thread after I get it all tuned in for future noobs.
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