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Dear god, this has got to be one of the greatest things I've ever done. The look is first and foremost amazing. I plugged the vacuum line off of the fuel petcock and it worked like a charm.
But go figure, first the brass screws holding on the cover for the jets stripped. Ooookay no BIG deal, got 2 of them off with some vise-grips. The 3rd i had to drill out and carve out the threads so i could reuse the original threads.
THEN came the really fun part. Trying to get the plug into the hole. Finally i got it in and nothing went too far wrong.
I used a 142 Main with the needle set on the 3rd notch. Running debaffled Pipes. Cranked her up and she purred like a kitten after a few minutes of letting the fuel back in.
Great power gain and it feels soooo much better on the highway now. Lots more power.
I'll post some pics up soon when i can.
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