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ISO Rear LH Signal (stem) '03 VL800

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Hey All, I'm a noob & not familiar with protocol. Just put my 03' VL800 on the road last week. Riding some windy roads through the hills of Massachusetts this weekend, an oncoming motorist came around a corner in my lane and forced me to dump on the sandy shoulder. Luckily only thing that actually broke was the rubber stem of the rear LH turn signal. I mended it with epoxy adhesive yesterday, but in my experience, that wont hold forever. Seems like the only thing available online is the entire signal assembly with the wire and all (for like$100). Wondering if anyone has one/some for sale.

Also, the highway bars and left mirror are basically ruined. I'd be interested in replacing those too if anyone has advice.

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wow...thats sucks...glad for the most part you came thru it ok aside from the damage to your ride...check ebay for the rear lite...
Welcome from Kennesaw GA!

Sorry about the spill, but I'm glad to hear you're ok and the bike isn't too bad. Hopefully someone has some spare parts to help you out.
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