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Is this site losing members

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I went to intruder and that site seems to be recent posts and unable to register
This site has a lot of old posts that are near the top and I am not talking about old posts that are brought back to life. It seems that this site was really busy in the early 2000s-2010s but of late has slowed.
My bike is 2003 but I love it
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Been a member since 2005 I think....and I bet I'm the oldest member with the fewest post. I just enjoy others perspective about bikes and current events (be careful over there). It is actually nice to drop in from time-to-time and see the same people still here, Scrap, Mr. E and FX4. I too have seen people move on to other bikes and unfortunately pass away. So goes life.

I've moved onto a Victory CCT (GAWD I love that bike) but I still have the C50. Wife says "you keeping that Suzuki"? Dam right! My first, and despite what Scrap says, a bike with "character".
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bikes are bikes...oil is oil...theres only 1 Beezer tho...thank God for that. Sort of the black sheep of the Vol Family. Just the facts Beez...just the facts.
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