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2004 Suzuki Intruder Volusia VL800K4
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So one of the first projects I tackled was getting in the fairing and replacing the stereo system in it. It had a pioneer stereo with a flip down face (for cd player access) but I decided I wanted to upgrade to a more modern technology radio. I chose this radio here: Chi-com Radio because it ticked off all the features I wanted for a rig. (Bluetooth, USB for charging my phone while riding, SD card so I can use my 3300 song library while cruising, and had an off button to shut the radio off when I didn't want it on). The price was right because if it doesn't work out, I'm only out $26 (for cost of the radio and not my labor).

So in the last picture I posted, you can see a yellow wire, a red wire, and the black wire (with blue crimp on connector) tucked away in the fairing. Those wires are for memory, 12v+, and 12v-. I managed to solder electrical tape, and shrink tube extension wires onto those, but it was a PITA because the negative wire/ground needed to be clipped back so I could strip it and make the connections.

In the 3rd picture you can see what a rat's nest the wiring of the radio was. For some reason, all the speaker wires hooked up to the fairing were yellow and white (white being ground, yellow positive) I took the time to solder every connection, then wrapped them up in electrical tape, and then using shrink tubing to seal up the connection. It may seem like a lot of effort went into solidifying the connections since it was going in a relatively water tight case, but I didn't want there to be any issues with my work in the future. All connections are rock solid and water resistant. :)

In the second picture I show what my 4 speaker set up looks like exposed. I have to assume that the installer of the fairing chose those speakers for his pioneer. The problem I encountered was he used those spade connectors to run his cables and when I tugged a little too much on one of them, they popped off. So I soldered new speaker wires onto the speaker connections and ran those cables on the inside before buttoning the speaker back up and closing up the grill/housing for the right side speaker enclosure.

And finally, in the first image you see the radio all fired up. After setting the station memory, chosing one of 7 colors for the backlight (I went with red, not the blue you see), turning on bluetooth and pairing it with my phone, I gave the radio a good workout. I checked that all the speakers work (FR, RR, FL, RL) and worked on replacing the H4 headlight on my bike to a 10,000 lumen LED bulb while listening to some classic rock on the bike via bluetooth.

I hope the radio if for nothing else, keeps the bluetooth and usb charging operational for my rides. That's primarily what I bought it for. With a quad lock on my bars for the phone, a 1.5ft USB C cable to connect to the charge port it should give me long enjoyable moments on the road.

Thanks for reading!

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