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Mostly posting in the noob thread to get some direction as to where to post for real.
I've read some posts and threads on this, but I couldn't get and entire, concise plan.
I need a complete list of parts I need, I know it's not a 4-bolt deal. I might need a new mounting bracket and turn signals? I know i need the fender (duh) and tail light. It looks like I'll have to to some wiring too, as the harness doesn't match up, that's okay.
If I can stay away from drilling or fab, that'd be awesome.
I also want to keep a back seat, I'm not sure if my C50 passenger pad will be able to make the switch or not.

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Go to and look in their microfiche for the parts you need. Do your homework and you will build a parts list. I think bike also has the parts finder. Happy hunting. Not too many people seem to like that fender.
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