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Howdy from Arkansas!

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Heya originally from DFW, TX. Im 38 first time soon to be rider and finally have aquired my first bike, I've always wanted to ride xD I've got an 01 Volusia 800 from a coworker that's not used it for 4 years. Looking for some help /direction in trying to get this bike running and on the road!
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Welcome from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia! Project bikes can be fun. I have a 1984 Kawasaki ZN750 I鈥檝e been working on for 7 yrs. Luckily, I have a 2004 VL800 that I ride.馃榿馃憤
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Lol I posted a new thread called new again cause I couldn't get back into this one... I'm trying to find out what stater I'm needing he ohmed everything and found out stater was what's not giving output.. alot of new things n they gave up is why he got another bike lol... 01...thats an antique back in the days of the carb that in 2005 went to fuel injection...had an o4, last year before they went to fuel'll love the choke...don't forget to push it back in after ridden a few miles and its warmed up...good bike regardless...replace the tires before anything else, regardless of how good they may appear and like suggested above, ask around for a credible dealer/service dept and have them go over it...worth the money.Enjoy and ride safe and feel free to ask for help or advice...we've all been there.
Posted in new thread called new again I'm needing help finding what stater I need I think this engine has been replaced
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