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Howdy from Arkansas!

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Heya originally from DFW, TX. Im 38 first time soon to be rider and finally have aquired my first bike, I've always wanted to ride xD I've got an 01 Volusia 800 from a coworker that's not used it for 4 years. Looking for some help /direction in trying to get this bike running and on the road!
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Greetings from C'ville TN. Congrats on the new(ish) ride.
Places to start, tires, plugs, fluid (oil, brake, coolant), fuel (might have to remove the pump if FI), rubber, brakes (front/rear), lights (headlight, turn signals).
If you can look up a shop manual (online, Ebay) will be your best friend. I might also suggest an appointment to a genuine Suzuki dealer/shop to have them check the bike over.
Pretty sure others will chime in, do not think that any question is a dumb question, reach out, enjoy the ride, be safe.
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