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I'm doing this from memory, so if anyone see's something I've missed, please let me know. I know Special Ed did a "how-to" with pics, but the links in his threads are not working (at least on my pc). Therefore, I hope this can be beneficial for a few of you.

  • Make sure your bike is cool (hasn't been driven lately)
  • Use the kickstand, not a bike lift. The angle will make the rad hose drain more easily
  • Remove the passenger and driver seats
  • Remove the fuel tank bolt
  • Disconnect the speedo housing
  • Disconnect the fuel tank wire connector and quick-connect fuel line under the fuel tank
    • I always place a rag directly below the quick connect when I disconnect it because a small amount of fuel will come out
  • Pull tank back to expose the rad cap (i just removed my tank, but it's not necessary. If you DO remove the tank, fuel will not leak out if you carry it parallel to the ground)
  • Remove the 2 chrome covers on the clutch side of the bike (directly under the toolbox, and the one to the right of that one)
  • Open the cap from the coolant res
  • Look at the black rubber hose coming from the bottom of the radiator and follow it back until it meets the water pump under the toolbox. Place a catch pan under the bike where these two meet
  • Remove the clamp and pull hose away. FYI...coolant will come out quickly, so be ready, and have a couple of shop towels just in case it gets messy
  • When it has drained completely, invert the end of the hose to drain remaining coolant (don't shake it more than twice or you're playing with it)
  • Find the smaller black plastic tube that connects with the coolant res.
  • Place container under it
  • Remove clamp and drain res (FYI...I removed my res and cleaned with CLR because there was a lot of crud in it. Only took an extra 5 mins)
  • Reconnect clamps and hoses from rad to water pump and on the coolant res
  • Use 50:50 mix of distilled water and coolant. Make sure it's OK for an aluminum radiator. I just bought a Prestone pre-mix that was OK for any radiator. If you use tap water, it will rust out the rad. Make sure to use distilled, or again, just buy pre-mixed.
  • Fill up radiator slowly with a total of 1500 ML (according to the owner's manual). When the fluid reaches the top of the radiator neck, rock the bike back and forth to release air bubbles. Continue to fill. Rock. Repeat.
  • Fill coolant res to "max" or "full" line
  • You can crank the bike and let it run, which will also release some air from the radiator, and then you can add more. I filled mine, rocked, filled, etc. until I thought it was enough, then rode around and checked it the next day. I ended up adding a little bit more, but not much.
  • can measure the amount you take out of your bike (once it's in the catch pan) to see if you were very low, or if it contained anything. My coolant was WAY past due to be cleaned. It was milky.
Good luck! Hope this helps.
One correction, I know it's three years later and anyone doing their own maintenance will figure it out, but you take off the chrome cover to the LEFT of the cover under the tool pouch with the overflow sight gauge. Not the right.

Also a note of caution, if you don't pull your tank completely and slide it back to get to the radiator fill cap, be sure to cover the terminals on your battery so you don't accidentally short the gas tank out on it.


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Thanks for the step-by-step sssportsmfg. Found this on a search. Very concise.
Don't think the coolant had ever been changed. I'm the third owner and my '08 C50T has 14,800 miles on it. The coolant was Hulk green and I did have some sediment funk in my res tank.
All in all it was easy to do.
Thanks again.

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Can someone tell me how to empty out my coolant on my 2015 SUZUKI BOULEVARD..? Recently I had to change relay switch and I noticed the coolant was under low so then I noticed there was spilled coolant under bike.

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