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I know this is volusia sight but many of us own multiple bikes. :biglaugh:

Selling a Danny Gray seat on Ebay along with a McEnterprises rear rack for a Honda.

Just posting the link to the seat. you can look for other motorcycle stuff listed as I'm clearing things out that I've ended up with....... :crying: but they didn't work for me. Mostly just wanting to get rid of the seat and rack quickly and had already listed on ebay before remembering that some riders here might be interested. I don't plan on making a habit of listing my bike stuff here (cuz I forget and I'm not about promoting myself that much). I think that would be a turnoff after awhile. :)

Danny Gray Motorcycle Seat Harley Davidson 0804 XL1200L Sportster Low 2006 2013 | eBay

Let me know if you have questions. PM me as I don't always remember to check back on this sight.
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