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No, this is an easy DYI job.

First and foremost, cover your tank with towels so if/when your handlebars drop they wont scratch the tank.

Brake, but do not completely loosen, the nut under each riser. Then pop the plastic chrome bolt covers off the OEM risers.
Loosen the allen head bolts, carefully lower your handlebars, then completely remove all 4 bolts.
Place the handlebars on the tank and finish removing the risers.

Then just install your new riser or spacers.

Remember to use loc-tight on the riser bolts.

Jim's Spacers

Suzuki Boulevard Volusia C90,C50 2" Handlebar Risers | eBay

I have these risers installed: Show Chrome Square Cast Handlebar Risers Chrome 55-135: Automotive
Did you have to re route your cables when replacing with the 4" risers?
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