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A few years ago one my friends, and a member here that never comes here, did 3 corners. From Maine, down through New England to get me. Then from there we were off to Jonstown, PA.
After the Thunder Rally he was off to Ohio, then south to Arizona, New Mexico, and southern Cali. From there he went up the coast to Washington and across the top of the states till he reached Ct. again where he stopped back at my house before heading back up into Maine.
It was about 30 days. One new rear tire, no mechanical issues, and stayed in mostly campsites. He did buy a seat pad in PA though. He had a Gel seat and found it was NOT going to be enough for that trip. A Mustang seat would work in this case.
7 deserts, plenty of sunburn. Made the trip tough with sunburned face. Side wind for 100 miles at a time that made him lean a fully loaded bike the whole way. And sometimes relentless rain that forced him to the side of the road for hours.
He had a ball! Stopped at all the places he wanted to see. Got some wildlife pictures that were phenomenal, and met many, many people along the way.
If you do it, just give yourself plenty of time. My friend had peoples houses to stop at for visits so part of his 30 days was spent with friends and family. Just to ride it might not take as long.
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