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This little note is for advise only. Follow and you will save yourself a lot of head aches.

I installed new Jardine Slash Cuts, a K&N high-flow air filter, and an FI2000.

I crimped the FI2000 T-connectors to the right wires. When I turned the key to the start position all three lights came on as they were supposed to. Then I started the bike and the green light stayed on at idle as it was supposed to. Then I put the cover back on and was off. Then after a week or two the bike began surging and acting like it did not have fuel (at all speeds). I would let off the accelerator then give it gas and the problem was gone for the next few miles. So I read everything on this site about FI 2000 settings, and changed the settings. (note I never checked the lights on the FI again at this point) Then bike would ride good for a while then the symptoms above would return again.

I was ready to put the old air filter on and ship the FI back to Cobra. Then I checked the FI lights again. All three lights were lit when I turned the key to the start position. Then when I turned the bike on all three lights stayed on. So I took some needle nosed pliers and re-crimped the T-connectors. Ahh....the FI worked like it was supposed to again. Then after about two weeks the symptoms above returned. I checked the FI again and the lights were again staying on with the bike running at idle (which is supposed to be a gray white wire problem).

Finally I read in one of the postings here that someone recommended soldering the T-connectors.

I soldered the connections and everything is perfect now.

My advise: when you're sure you have the T-connectors crimped to the correct wires, shave a little of the wire insulation off and put a little solder on the connection, close the T-connector, connect the FI, check your lights, and you really should be done.

Basically: Solder the T-connectors, save yourself some headaches.

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