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FI light when cold, fast idle, restart makes it goes away.

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Hey all.
Ive been having this issue that would happen once in a while but now its every time I go to use my bike.
Its a 2006 M50 with 35,000k miles. When I start the bike, after a few seconds the idle will increase above normal and the FI light comes on. So I sit and wait about a minute or two then turn the bike off and start it back up. Then the bike will still idle high but then slowly come back to normal. No FI light triggered on the second startup. I also started noticing the FI light come on when I take her on the freeway. When I pull over, she's still idling high until I restart her.

Update: I tired the paperclip trick to pull the FI code and am getting C028 "secondary throttle valve actuator"

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Update #2 - I was about to follow the steps here: Secondary Throttle Valve Actuator Defect
But as I was taking my gas tank off, I found this! I think rust is my issue. I live by the beach and don't have a garage. When I started the bikeI saw this component struggling to get back to a normal position. I drenched it in WD40 and scrubbed it. Going to see if that worked. If not, I'll take apart the Secondary Throttle Valve Actuator using the link above.


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