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F1 light

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I have a 2006 C50T. While riding today I noticed my F1 red light came on and stayed on. I was about 40 miles from home and stoop-ed at a station. Filled it up with gas, but it only took 2 gallons. I rode on home and had No performance issues that I noticed, but the F1 light is still on. Any ideas what would generate the F1 light while the bike is running ok with no noticeable problems?
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Welcome from Kennesaw GA!

Could be a shorted wire or bad connection. For some reason I'm thinking it can come on because the charging circuit isn't putting out enough juice. Just for fun, you might check to make sure you're getting about 14v at the battery when it's running.

Others may have some different ideas, so hang out.
The FI light is an indication of something amiss in the fuel delivery system. The only way to know what had failed is to access the dealer port under the right side cover, then place the display in dealer mode to display the failure code on the multil function display. Do a search on the process, but be aware that the code will clear when you turn off the bike. It can only be pulled when the bike is running and the error condition is present.
Yep, the FI F1 light is a fault indication that will have a corresponding 'C' code if you put the bike into dealer mode with a jumper wire.

I had it appear on mine after I topped off the radiator. One of the Intake Air Pressure sensors got a splash of coolant on it/in it and later failed, causing the F1 light. Dealer mode revealed the 'C17' code, IAP Sensor Fail. So, now if your F1 light is constantly on it should be readable.

Edit: Minor note added. The bike ran ok, as it it kicked into a default mode, which allows it to run without live data from the sensor. Some failure codes will allow it to continue to run. Other codes will shut you down to save the machine and possibly you.
The FI light is an indication that you have a fault in a sensor. As indicated here, in some sensor failures it will be possible to continue driving the motorcycle.

The distributor port is under the right side cover. A cable must be placed between two points on the port in order for the LCD to display the CXXX error code. I attach an image.

Additionally, I also attach what each error code means.

Font Finger Audio equipment Electrical wiring Circuit component

Font Parallel Number
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Additional Information. As you will see in some cases you can still ride the motorcycle.

Font Parallel Number Pattern
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