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Extra cushion recommendations?

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I want some extra cushion to put on top of my rider seat of my 2008 C50T for longer rides. Any recommendations of what works well?
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I was going to suggest ordering the double cheeseburger. 😂
Welcome from Kennesaw GA!

I'll give a second on the Airhawk seat cushion. I bought one and have moved it through 4 bikes now. You can always upgrade to a super expensive seat later if you feel like you need it.
The airhawk is great, but the real solution to pain in the backside is ride more. It really doesn't matter what you put on the saddle, you will get uncomfortable after a while. Just get used to it, or use it as an internal timer for taking a break.
Either get some more junk in your trunk or try this:

HOMMIESAFE Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion Water Fillable Cooling Down Seat Pad, Pressure Relief Ride Motorcycle Air Cushion Large for Cruiser Touring Saddle

Bought it last year from Amazon, works great, only 30.00, have not filled with water but the air has held. They also have one for the passenger seat
[email protected] had a cast-iron tractor seat. It was pretty comfy.
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