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Yeah, a lawyer won't really be able to help unless you can prove long-term harm.

So here's a thought for you:

Whole-body MRI. Get a complete scan performed, and read by a competent radiologist (or two, for a good second opinion), to try and determine exactly what the quack removed from your innards the first go-round.

I would think that calmly bringing your situation to the attention of the hospital where the procedure was performed would motivate that hospital to agree to perform the scan for free (and those things ain't cheap). It's the least they can do for you under the distressing circumstances.

But don't agree to or sign a bloody thing that could be construed as a release of liability.

Perhaps you can discuss this idea with the doctor who performed the second surgery. He/she might have other ideas about how to obtain knowledge about what was done to you.

Never mind the lawyers, you need this knowledge for yourself, for the future.


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I don't remember having any sort of complications after.

Gotta remember that my event was over 50 years ago. The scar is long and I remember my mom saying they had to open me that far to remove and clean out my innards :surprise:.

Hope your feeling better.....
So this is insane.
On October 10th, I had some abdominal pains and had another CT scan. Went to my primary care doc to look at it. Said I was all good, including my appendix. So yeah, you read that right.
Fast forward to Monday 11/11 - my wife drove me to the ER (different hospital) as I was on death's doorstep. Honestly, I have a high pain threshold, but this stuff...I was literally crying and couldn't breath. It was bad.
Emergency appendectomy #2 performed. This time the doc took a picture of it in his hands and said it looked in tact except for the perforation at the base which was leaking and poisoning me. He told my wife it was really awful in there. He found a staple that was used to close up whatever the original surgeon took out, but that it was nowhere near where my appendix was. Apparently, I cheated death twice now. So, I have had a total of 3 CT scans and they all show an appendix, look exactly the same in all three, so that first surgeon, I have no clue what he was looking at or doing. This recent surgeon has no clue either, but says that I am going to be just fine now.
I am at home recovering now, thankful to be able to post on the VR.

Good grief man ...... now I get why you were wondering about getting another infection!
You don't want to be in a hospital in the first place as that is where the greatest risk is of getting an infection is and then this happens!!! :shock:

Hoping the next report is a better one!

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So far, so good.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was great and I am thankful that I am at least, 90% sure, I do not have any appendixies in my body any more.
I am feeling good and all is well, thank goodness.

Have a great weekend too, and remember, GO BUCKS!
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