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Engine swap '11 m50 into an '05 m50 frame.

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Hey everyone!
First time posting, im wondering if my 2011 m50 engine will fit directly into an 05 frame. My 2011 has heavy front end damage and i have found a guy with a siezed 05 with a good frame.
Thanks in advance !
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Mechanically it might fit just fine. The question might be the ECM, Oxygen sensors, wiring. I had a 2005 and 2009 C50. I don't think either of them had Oxygen sensors. Somewhere along the way I believe Suzuki went to dual spark plugs and Oxygen sensors. That might be a problem.
Hey Coffee,
I litterally have everything from the 2011 m50. The front end has just been mangled by a tree. It kept the bike upright so there's not a scratch on it apart from the headlight cowling. I would be transplanting everything over to the 05 frame, basically need to know if the engine mount patterns are the same/ overall dimensions are the same. I know the m50 went through some changes post '09 so I'm wondering if they've changed mounting patterns.
Thanks dude
It should work. Earlier this year, someone threw a dual spark engine from a '12 into an older C50 and it worked just fine, dual plugs included. The O2 sensors won't be an issue, as the older ECM isn't expecting to see them, so they can remain in the pipes, but disconnected.
Ok cool. This is very reassuring. I have conrad pipes on my 2011, I'm fairly sure the o2 sensors are disconnected already.
I got the 2011 with front end damage as a swal for putting some bars on a clients bike, and I've found the 05 with a seized engine for 800 nzd. So all up I'll have a tidy m50 for less that 1000 nzd, not too shabby. Thanks for the info
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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