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Engine surging when throttling up, idles fine. 06 c50t

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So 2 days ago my bike started acting funny, 108 degrees out side, started my ride fine went 27 miles 2 hours later I start the bike and within a mile it starts bucking me around in 1st gear rpms going up and down and struggling to accelerate. I limped the bike home in 3rd gear around 30-40mph. I could not go any faster. I checked the pump and it’s fine. Replaced spark plugs since the rear plug was looking worn. No codes or lights indicating any issues I’m not sure what else to check.

any idea what might cause this.
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Check for fuel.
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Check for fuel.
I did, in fact I found that the previous owner had the fuel system cleaned and injectors replaced just before I bought it in February interestingly despite paperwork saying the fuel injectors were replaced I discovered that injector two was missing the screen inside that prevents dirt getting in. Looked like it was dug out with a pick. I cleaned the other injector and ordered a new one.
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