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My son recently traded his/my old C-50, and we took the goodies off of it... I've got no need for the DJ drive that was on it and am ready to sell it. I bought it from a member on here in the winter of 2010 and put about 20,000 miles on it. I really have no way of positively affirming the mileage the previous own put on it, but it sticks in my mind that it was less than 5000. It has the oil changed twice since I put it on. That said, I would recommend the purchaser of this drive take the time to install a new seal and grease it before putting it on their bike. Obviously they should put new oil in it as well since I will drain it before shipping. I was very happy with how the bike performed with this drive installed!! I will post pictures of the drive later

Here is a link to the original post from when I bought it...

These things are the cat's meow for light touring!!! $450, and I pay for shipping method of my choice to the lower 48 states unless other arrangements are made by purchaser.
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