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Snuck a ride in before work yesterday and passed this in a neighboring town…

remember this story well back about the time I started riding 2004, this historical landmark in this sleepy farm town...prided itself on this attraction across from the town green in the center of the town.

Unfortunately somehow papers were not in place preserving the area to protect anyone from building within its borders. Guy moves into town, buys parcel of land behind it and submits papers to build a house. Town goes into an uproar when learning about this and hold a Town hall meeting on this matter ruffling many of the old timer’s feathers of which they stand united telling him “you ain’t building anything near that!!!… damn city folk always thinking they can just move into our town and doing as they damn please”…

he says nicely...”well, yes I am”

“oh no your not”

he then says not so nicely “oh yes I am”

“oh no your not”

and so it goes to court…

needless to say, out of towner did his homework and wala..permit to build granted.

Shame it came to this and eventually new homeowner, not well received by the locals, a few years later sold the house and moved elsewhere.

Lesson here….never assume anything is in place...especially when dealing with these small towns.

By the way... directly next door...

can understand why the locals were a bit perturbed.
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