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Cold weather fuel system leak

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'08 C50T

New to me bike. Had a few cold spells here in FL over the past few weeks. I began to notice a fuel smell on the way in to work, while at stop lights/signs. Looking down at the left side, generator cover, I see an oily smudge on the chrome. The warmth of the crankcase dries it up quick, just leaving a residue. I did catch an actual drop falling onto it once. This doesn't happen in warm weather and can be verified by the lack of the smudged chrome on the genny cover. I'm guessing it is a minor leak in...

1. The fuel rail - 6
2. The rail plug- 9
3. The upper or lower injector rings -3,4

And I have yet to SEE it in action as it only appears while driving for a while in cold weather. If everything is warm, it doesn't happen. Which could be as little as stopping, getting off the bike with it running, and it has already warmed up enough to stop leaking.
I can't even tell ya if it's the front or rear cylinder since they are packed around the throttle body in close proximity to where the drip happens.

I guess I'm asking if anyone knows of a common trend/failure to narrow down this little bugger?

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Welcome from Kennesaw GA!

I highly doubt the temperature outside has anything to do with it. I assume it's fuel that is leaking? If so, I'd check the quick connects on the fuel lines going into the tank. I'm sure others will have some good suggestions too.

I will definitely check that connector too. It's weird as it doesn't happen above 70F outside. No smell, no drip, no smudge, runs perfect.
OH! Also when it is actively 'leaking', engine idle goes to crap. i.e. one cylinder not getting correct fuel metered and drops to an inconsistent 500-600 RPM. Starts chugging like a Harley. :) Which gives me another idea. I can probable check the pipes to see which one goes. Narrow down to which side, I would guess.
@Whiskey , you might have gotten this one. :) The stub hose going from the tank to the first fuel rail. Quick connect on each end. It was a little cooler this morning and I got the tell tale whiff of gas. I was almost back to the house when it happened this time. Got home quick enough to see the damp spot on the throttle wheel and on the rear cylinder air intake. Got the seat off and shifted the tank back just enough where I could see it was damp just below the lower quick connect on that stub hose. So that may be our item. Still sticking to temp relationship though. :D Hasn't happened in a couple weeks. Been above 70 the whole time. $45 for the hose, which isn't too bad, if I go for the gamble and can't actually catch it in the act. BUT I did notice that the metal end of the connector on the first fuel rail is a bit crusty looking. Might just disconnect that line and shine up the metal on that connector.
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This quick connects may be quick, but they are notoriously unreliable for a solid connection. Hopefully that's all it was.
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