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Changing layout

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Did the layout change again? I was on this morning and everything was fine. I get home and fire it up and everything has changed, the layout, the type, and the way I post.
I had to sign in again but looking at threads, I could post but there was now way to quote or like another post.
I was using the old version. It looks like the new version but I also have the option of another new full mobile version.
Is it just me????
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I am on two other forums a lot longer than this one. I never have had problems like on this one. I enjoy you guys and girls but next time I have to deal with this CRAP I'm gone.
A little NJ stress getting to ya.......
I lived in NJ for 50 years......been free of it for 12 years.
Don't leave the forum......leave the state! ;-)
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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