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can no longer post

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anyone foolish enough to read any of my posts know how much I enjoy posting photos...mostly useless, no purpose, sort of like where the direction any of the posts lead this one...anyhow...lately I've been experienceing problems trying to copy from my photobucket album and post on any thread...something that was always so easy to do. You know...find the picture...hit copy and then hit paste on thread...and bingo...done...doesn't work anymore. Any suggestions other than to thank the photo gods from my not being able to do this anymore...and of course not pointing any fingers in the direction of any certain gender but considering the amount of certain select female photos often in the theme that leaves men finding a need to lower the seat, wouldn't be surprised they figure into this problem I'm now ideas would be appreciated.
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ok here goes...

keeping fingers crossed...
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no sh* the past all you had to hit was copy after clicking on the image and then paste in the post...they must have done something...never the less...thanx all...was really frustrating the heck out of me...and fwiw...I tried all the codes into a post and when I would see the code come up and no pic,I assumed the pic would never show so I never completed and hit post quick reply...wonder if I was a blonde in a previous life....don't tell Elmo I said that.
lets try one using PBryon/woodswomans way...

yep...code shows hit "Post quick reply"...
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wala... happy monkey going to bed now. Amazing what little it takes to make this monkey happy...

you know like maybe just a little something to munch on before hitting the hay...

then again could always just go straight to bed and maybe I'll find something there to nibble on...

then again..I' beginning to think I got in alot less trouble when I wasn't able to post any pics...

ah wtf.....guys gotta have some fun in life

thanx again.
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I see he's back..:) that's a good thing right?
now about that silo...what a great idea...would make for a fun project for those handy and talented with remodeling and building skills.
Glad to see you figured it out DCinCT.

Thank you everyone for helping out.

~ DM
one of the best parts of this forum/family...there when you need worrying... and the best bill to pay for the service.
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