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So, I have this new rear brake arm lever that I want to install on my 2009 C50T. Have never done this before, so am asking for advice.

Firstly, an explanation.... I have replaced the oem floor boards on the C50T with the brackets and levers from a 2009 M50 so that I can get the foot pegs rather than the floor boards.

With this change, I ended up with that ugly meat tenderizer style brake pedal that comes with the M50 oem set up. I sold the old floor boards and levers to someone on this list awhile back.

I now have a brand new rear brake pedal arm for the C50T because, well, because it just looks a tad niftier than that ugly meat tenderizer that is on there now.

How hard is it to remove the old lever, and replace with this new one? It looks easy enough to me, but just want some advice before I proceed. What about the rear brake light switch? Is one of the bolts on the lever needed to be adjusted in order for the switch to properly operate?

Thanks lots folks. I appreciate any and all help and advice.
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