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Brighter Headlight Bulb: Laser (!), Not LED

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In pursued if brighter headlight!

There is a new light bulb technology that uses laser instead of LED or classic halogen filament. Technology is fairly new, but it looks like it doesn’t get as hot as LED, doesn’t require a heat sink or a fan, and color is closer to halogen (more yellow) than to LED (whiter).
One negative is shorter life than standard halogen - something that high quality (expensive) LED bulbs don’t suffer from.
Considering motorcycles usually have very little space behind reflector housing, size same as OEM bulb is a good thing.

Here is an Osram Laser H4 bulb for your consideration/

OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER H4, next generation, 150% more brightness, halogen headlamp, 64193NL-HCB, 12V, passenger car, duo box (2 lamps)

I have a Philips Racing VisioN on my C50, and it is definitely brighter than OEM halogen. Not “night and day” difference, but noticeable. Some reviewers of the OSRAM laser bulb sayit is brighter than my Philips bulb.

Philips RacingVision H4 Headlight Bulbs (Twin) 12342RVS2 Xtreme Vision Upgrade

Here is a video comparing the two bulbs. Review is it great, but sufficient to give you an idea:
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