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Sorry! We waited a half hour, then moved on, grabbed a bite down the road and had a great ride to Monson.
2nd place I tried to eat this week that was closed for April school vac. How hard is it to update your hours on the website or Google if you're closing for a whole week?!

Great day for riding though...sorry we missed you.

Oh and the Rever app I was testing for the route today was a TOTAL bomb. Unbelievably lame. I'll update the other thread later.
All gravy. Missed you by minutes. I ran the Quabbin. Had been meaning to do that and got er done. 32A had its surfaced milled for 8 miles, that sucked. And note to self, unless you have an adventure C50T of some type, driving down by the reservoir on the little side roads can be….hairy. Good ride though.

Next time gadget.
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