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Some good news! My friend regained counsiosness and recognizes people, but can yet talk (he has a tube in his throat to help with breathing). His right side of the body is still paralyzed, but there is hope of recovery now. Surgents rebuilt his right leg and put a few lbs of metal hardware to keep the bones together. Airport metal detectors are not his friends anymore 馃檪. Next is plastic surgery to rebuilt the face bones and eventually a surgery to install the piece of the scull bone removed to decrease intercanial presure.

All in all I believe he passed the tipping point of no return, and his chances of staying alive and recovering to a certain extend are far better than a few weeks ago. Neurosergenes say he probably won't be the same as before, but he will live, and this is very important. Wish him luck, please!

P.S. After seeing him in the hospital like that, I've cashed out and bought an airbag vest - Helite Turtle. It is expensive, but way cheaper and better than eating through a catheder for several months.

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