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2004 Suzuki Intruder Volusia VL800K4
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Pictures first, and then explanation. I learn better that way. So the first 3 images are the "before" photos and the last one is the re-wrap job I did for the first time. TBH, I suck at wrapping pipes, but it irritated me to know end to have my wrap in tatters.

What the wrap job did expose was how rusted my pipes are. I thought I had vance & hines slip ons, but that was not accurate either. The heat shield is from vance & hines, but I don't know if the system is in fact a V&H setup. I know it's not stock, because the pipes are loud.

I did want to put a set of these on it, but at that price tag I hope my wrapped pipes will last a little while longer. Daddy needs a new seat first :)

The wraps were just cheapy black variety from Amazon. here The reviews were mixed, but for my first exposure to doing a wrap job I didn't want to toss a lot of money at the project incase I somehow screwed this up.

And the only PITA for me was getting the rear support bracket bolts to line up with the sliding nut contraption in the exhaust. After slowing down and taking time to line everything up the bolts slipped into the nuts and I was able to secure the exhaust back on the bike.

I did soak the header bolts in penetrating oil overnight and soaked them again when I started to take them off. That seemed to work magic. A bolt from each side was somewhat stiff to remove and bolt back down again, but I made sure they threaded on correctly when I put them back on.

Lessons learned, project done completely. win-win in my book.
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