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Blown Head gasket?

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I got a new to me 2006 Suzuki Boulevard c50 vl800 with just a shade under 15k mileage.

I’ve been working to bring back to life, it had been sitting for a few years in a garage. Finally got it were I felt comfortable to start and run it. I then I had a hiccup as it started to blow(smoke stack style) white smoke out the front cyl exhaust pipe. Shut it down and seen what I believe is water draining out rhe bottom of air filter housing. So I’m taken it the front cyl head gasket has blown. Tho I won’t know for sure till motor is out of bike and todown.

What other items might I be looking at/for while I have it tore down??

Where’s a good place to source a full gasket kit? (Rather not piece one together)

Anything else besides multiple gaskets, o-rings, and fluids might I need to replace?

My Research has showed one item. The timing chains can stretch prematurely. Not sure this would be a concern on a bike with about 15k on it tho.

Plan is to start tomorrow on removal then. Once I get it out tear down before I order parts to start the rebuild process

Thanks for any info or help,
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Turned idle screw all the way it would go.
don’t have a Cavan tool to adj the fast idle

also Readjusted the plug gaps
Motor still acts the same

plugs are dry and appear to be carbon fouling
Or show a rich condition to me

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Rich or burning oil.
What led to the overheating in the first place? Low coolant or low oil?
Yeah rich or oil eating

I have no idea if or when it could’ve over heated has I bought it used not running.

Once I got it to where I was comfortable/ready to try starting that’s when I got what appeared to me as white smoke(like white out my shop amount of smoke)

I went off white smoke = coolant leak. So usually that means blown head gasket, cracked or warped head.

Tho I very well could’ve missed diagnosed the original issue.

my Luck it’s something stupidly simple that I’m over looking causing the issue.
New video below

I’ve Repaired exhaust gasket leaks with vacuum leaks caused by loose intake clamps and cracked ends on crankcase vent hose.

In video plug wire front cyl is pulled no change in motor sound and pop goes away. Tells me front cyl is not hitting at correct time. I’ve verified that front cyl is getting spark.

So it’s looking like I’m gonna be pulling motor again to recheck/verify timing. As I must’ve miss timed it when I put it back together.


Timing of the cams is good from what I can tell.
See pictures rear cylinder is at top dead center R/T mark on generator and on compression stroke.
Only other thing I could’ve gotten off would be when I put valve covers on I wasn’t TDC on compression stroke on the front or rear cylinder.
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