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I have a '02 Volusia that I have began customizing.
I have a certain look that I am going for.
Thus far, I have the ISO grips w/ stiletto ends same w the foot pegs and shifter and brake pedals. Scythe mirrors, Constelation driving lights, a lindbar, and a pro R hyper charger .

My next step is a Corbin young guns seat, silver bullet lights (with the running, turn, brake light adapter), and either new saddle bags that are mounted to the strut mounts, (I don't want the saddle bags to go over and sit on the fender scratching up the paint which will be phase three on customizing), or possibly a swing arm bag.

Question: Is there a saddle bag out there that will let me use the silver bullets. Universal Fender Strut Bullet Light Mounting Kit | Lighting | Küryakyn

Or would I be better off mounting the Silver Bullets to my fender routing a ground wire to the fender strut and make a neoprene mounting pad to go between the light and fender? Silver Bullets | Lighting | Küryakyn

Option three would be, a Swing arm bag. How do those mount and which ones work well with my Volusia?

I would appreciate any input. Thanks!
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