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Is there a audio file anywhere with the sound of properly adjusted valves?

I just completed my first valve adjustment at 7,400 miles (bought the bike, a 2007 C50, with about 2,200 miles and have no documentation they were done at the 600 mile service). I bent a .0025 feeler gauge and checked all eight valves before I did any adjustments and only one intake valve accepted the gauge. Tight across the board. I adjusted the exhaust to .009 and the intake to .005.

It started right up and idled evenly but now has a rather noticeable valve clatter that it did not have before. Now, everyone says it is supposed to sound like an angry sewing machine but no sewing machine I have ever heard has this amount of metallic clack. I want a little reassurance before I take it out on the road tomorrow.

Thanks in advance
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