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You know Dennis, only old people ride with their blinkers on. Oh wait... Maybe you should check your blinker fluid?
So two interesting and related stories:
1. I had my blinker on in my truck and I put it on a couple of miles before the exit to get into the right lane. I gather, I eased into the lane well enough that my blinker never turned off. After a mile, my truck told me...."Your right blinker is still on" I am use to her telling me, Take a right, Take a Left, Your going to fast... But never the Blinker!
2. I have had the Indian Chieftain 2017 for three year now, Who knew it had blinker cancelling on it! I am use to the Suzuki and I would always turn it off after the turn. But one time I didn't and LOW AND BEHOLD! It turned off on its own.
Way kewl!
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