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We all have a brain freeze now and again. This was one of my good ones a while back ......

Getting old ... brain going .... Empty
Subject: Getting old ... brain going ....
Getting old ... brain going .... Icon_minitime
Tue May 30, 2017 8:35 am
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So... I'm riding in Cardiff, blazing hot, and they have narrowed the roads into the city for security checks as the football is due on. All lanes narrowed into one, huge tailback, no room, sun belting down, so, you can imagine.
Bike starts to overheat and starts missing a bit on tick over, fan on and off like crazy.
So I'm thinking, I hope it's not going to die on me.
Got to my meet up, had a cold one outside the pub, and the bike is cooling off nice.
Get on the bike, starts up ok, but has a fault code on the dash. I thinks, 'what now'?
further up the road, the fault code 444 turns into fault code 445 ... as in 4.45 PM.

Getting old ... brain going .... Stupid_head

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