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Under the seat and on top of the battery was getting crowded due to adding a battery tender, connection for a heated gear controller, and an Eklipes USB Charging System. I decided I’d add a busbar under the right side cover and relocate the connections for the heat controller and USB charger. I considered adding an in-line fuse and a relay but decided that was overkill at the moment. The heated gear pulls a max 8 amps and the charger less than 3 amps. Both have in-line fuses. If I need to add something else I’ll re-evaluate but since there’s no chance the heated gear will be left on and I rarely use the USB charger, I opted for a simple solution.

So, first I removed the cover and then the canister. :biglaugh:

Next I saw that I could fashion a simple bracket that slid in the slot at the top of the canister holder and screwed in at the bottom. Sorry the pic is so dark.

I used a small strip of 1/8” aluminum and attached my busbar to it. Screws, nuts, and blue loctite.

Attached the bracket to the canister holder and ran 10 gauge wire w/connectors up to the battery terminals.

Finished up with attaching the leads for the heat controller and USB charger. Used a few zip ties to bundle dangling wires together. Much cleaner under the seat now.

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