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Left town this morning with about 30 fellow American Legion Riders headed for Greensburg KS to dedicate a memorial to the 11 people killed in the tornado a year ago.
We had just gotten out of th city limits when a guy on a Gold Wing in front of me suddenly stopped; no warning, no brake lights, no nothing. There were bikes beside me and oncoming traffic in the other lane. I hit the brakes and felt the back end coming around, let off for a second then hit 'em again. Once more I felt the back end start to slide.
I got far enough to the right side of him to get by but just barely. Flat spots on my tire and skid marks in my shorts.
Found out later his brakes locked up on him and the engine died.

As for the rest of the trip, watch CNN you might see more about it. Pres. Bush was there delivering the speech for the high school graduation, I guesstimate there were some 1,500 bikes there.

If you don't know, the entire town of Greensburg was destroyed by an F5 tornado a year ago yesterday.

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