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9260 miles in 17 days.
I broke a clutch cable. I have some oil seep around the bottom of the rear jug, and I roasted a Metzler 888 in 8500 miles. I ran out of gas once in Oklahoma. Google Maps said a gas station existed that didn't. I was 3.7 miles away from a town. I had purchased a reserve fuel container from REI that worked great. 25 bucks for 30 oz. I recommend it to anyone taking a long trip.

I have a public album on FB so anyone can view it. I just need to link it.

Notable roads include Highway 1 AKA Pacific Coast Highway AKA Big Sur, 199 through the redwoods in northern Cali, 90W around 4th of July Pass in Idaho, a road leading into Yellowstone, and Tail of the Dragon (saw two Ferrari's).
One Hell of a trip.
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