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8th Annual OctoVRfest Rally 2015
New Milford, Connecticut

Dates: 17th-20th September 2015
Hosted By: DCinCT, the_Snake1201 and moenko


The Rocky River Inn (MAY still have a room or two due to cancellations)
236 Kent Road
New Milford, CT 06776
Tel. (860) 355-3208
(Please call to make reservations, you're with the "VolusiaRiders")
Website: New Milford Connecticut Hotels - Rocky River Inn
Email: [email protected] (“Regal” is your man, but no need to ask for him unless you have trouble)
Rates: Group rate under "Volusia Riders"
All rooms: USD 90.00 (+ taxes) per night
Suites (upon request): USD 149.00 (+ taxes) == we did not reserve those but if you like luxury, they're yours to book

*30 rooms blocked for rally, more available depending on booking turnout
*Cancellation policy: No charge to credit card upfront, cancel 30 days before rally

*Rooms w/King beds (19) and 2 x Queen beds (9), add'l rooms as needed
*ALL rooms have coffee makers, fridge and microwave, flat-screen TV
*Football field sized lawn in back bordering Housatonic River
*Vending (Soda, Water)
*Within 1 mile: Supermarket, Package (Liquor) Store, Restaurants, Gasoline
*No Breakfast on site, but DD's, Starbucks and diners within 5 minutes ride

OVERFLOW MOTEL (not very luxurious, but right next door!!):

Red Carpet Inn
244 Kent Road
New Milford, CT
Tel. (860) 350-2766



  • Arrival for most
  • Beverage runs
  • Quick overview of rides offered
  • First alcohol victims on the "Big Lawn"
  • Dinner: Pizza (We provide, donations welcome but not mandatory)


  • Group Ride (somewhat "sporty", ca. 185 miles), KSU @ 1000 hrs (File Folder with .gdb and .gpx files)
  • Alternatively: Bryon's "Hard Core Vermont Ride" (around 380 miles, see HERE for details)
  • Alternatively: Vineyard Tour (self-guided)
  • Dinner: Open (every man and woman for themselves)


  • Group Ride (somewhat "sporty", ca. 135 miles), KSU @ 1000 hrs (File Folder with .gdb and .gpx files)
  • Alternatively: DC's Mystery Ride (nice and relaxed, but no further info available :p)
  • Alternatively: Another "Power Ride" by Bryon (into Upstate NY, around 325 miles, see HERE for details)
  • Alternatively: Vineyard Tour (self-guided)
  • Dinner: The Snake's CLAMBAKE


  • Recovery from fun on the big lawn
  • Farewells until next time


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ATTENDEES (** booked in the Rocky River Inn)

DCinCT (Dennis) & Barbara**
the_Snake1201 (Ken)**
moenko (Carsten)**
duglaura (Doug & Laura)**
Sister Mooo (Mary) & The Mister Mike **
gregstur (Greg)**
Beezer (Bob) & Belinda**
Sweetlu (Lu)**
Vortex1 (Sean)**
Rich H (Rich)**
Pbryon (Bryon) & chickenbone (Jim)**
Bearbait (Mike) & Woodswoman (Chris)**
CaptCruiser (Jay) & Mmmagicfingers (Michelle)**
RellaLou (Cindy)**
elmoann (Leann - Red Carpet Inn)
Peter69 (Peter)**
oldtraf (Brian)**
Newgramps (Dan & Kim)**
Jim Rinehimer (Jim)**
scorpion46 (Fred)** // Sleepwalker (Dan)**
smokeater (Mark)**
deacon1984 (John)**
Wintergreen (Matt)**
danimal (Dan) & Mary**
Funbikerchick (Doctor Tena) & Steve**
cortjester (Ann Marie)**
stickalily (Dorothea -- Red Carpet Inn)
Paraquat (Steve)**
Mr. Efficiency (Bill) - arriving 9/18, needs a "FWB" (Friend with Bed) :lol:

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Hello everyone!

Okay, we got a place to stay!!!!!

It is a very modern and beautifully maintained motel with a HUGE "backyard" bordering the Housatonic River (for those who like bringing their fishing pole on the bike) :razz:

The son of the owners (Regal) has fully blocked 28 rooms for now, which technically will house 56 people, but the place has a total of 45 rooms and will give us more if needed, so the faster you make your reservation, the better. One drawback here is the fact that most rooms are KING beds, so if you planning to share your room but are morally or otherwise against sleeping in the same bed with a fellow riding brother/sister, better reserve yourself the Queen rooms fast :biglaugh:

We are just at the very beginning of the rally planning so more information about rides etc. will be forthcoming some time next year; we really wanted to get the accommodation situation settled first, and book up all the rooms they have!

There is no restaurant or breakfast on location, however we will be scouting for a close-by diner, we already know there are DD's and Starbucks within 5 minutes' ride. Coffee makers are standard, the 4 suites have a stove on top of that, if you plan on heating up your Chef Boyardee's.

We are extremely excited about having the 2015 rally in Connecticut and while we realize that we have tall boots to fill, we are pretty confident that no one will leave here disappointed... let's get the bookings going :wayhappy:

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Whoever I talked to just now wouldn't take a reservation.....told me to try back tomorrow.

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As of today (Monday 10/27), all motel staff is informed and bookings can be made, via phone only, though.

If anyone experiences difficulties with their booking, please let me know !!!!! The little trouble will be well worth the super clean and modern rooms you will get ;)

Whoever I talked to just now wouldn't take a reservation.....told me to try back tomorrow.

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Carry out Chinese food


Have us down for attending, was a little worried with the front desk translation to English. . Will check on confirmation. Thanks for hosting, looks great. Regards Doug.
Received our Confirmation emailed. Good to go.

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not sure but I think they are related to BaBu from MayBay1....we did notice a special area tucked away behind one of the buildings where they are growing something...they claim its some sort of vegetable garden...I think we'll have to have Beez give his opinion...from looking at it of course...not taking a match to it.

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Computers are down.
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