For sale. The bike is mostly stock. 17,963 miles. It has Kuryakyn passenger floor boards, aftermarket risers that move the bars back and up a little bit. Chrome radiator cover and chrome upper frame covers. K and N air filter, chrome control covers, tachometer, chrome speedometer visor, 90 dg valve stems, chrome driveshaft cover, chrome side covers, Kuryakyn grips, Michelin tires two years old with very low miles on them. Otherwise mostly stock. No issues at all with the bike. Motor oil, gear oil, and brake fluid are all fresh. The bike originally had the blue ghost flames but I had the tank professionally painted to get rid of them but it is still the stock oem color. There are a few small scratches here and there. I modified the back fender slightly because it was chipped. 4000 cash only.
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