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2005 M50 fuel pump

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I bought an 2005 M50 fairly recently as a project to try my hand at customizing a motorcycle. This is my first motorcycle so everything I have done so far has been a new process for me. So far, Ive been able to replace both the front and rear fenders, seat pan and seat, re-wire the tail lights and brake lights, the headlight and front signals are still a work in progress, drained and replaced all of the fluids (Motor oil, coolant, brake fluid, and drive shaft oil), replaced the clutch rings and put a new (original new) fuel tank and replaced the battery.

I have secured the tank to the bike and I put a gallon of ethanol free fuel in the tank to get it back to life. When I put the key in the ignition and turn it to on, all is good. I have power to the brake/tail lights and signals, speedo light turns on and the digital readout displays fine. I then use the switch on the handlebars to turn the bike on and the fuel pump makes a clicking noise (as opposed to the humming noise it should normally make). Also as soon as I press the ignition switch the bike makes a loud click, but nothing happens but the power to the bike remains on.

Is there something I can start to diagnose this problem? Do I need to drain the fuel and check the pump? Do I need to check the fuses? Any ideas why the loud click with the ignition?

Thanks for you help in advance, as this all new to me!
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not sure but it sounds like it could be the starter but thats just a guess, you could check the fuses see if any of them are blown. Again just guessing and throwing out Ideas, Im just a simple Bike man LOL, Can do a carb and Jets and pipes havnt delved into it like you have yet.
Thanks! To be honest, I am having fun taking things apart and putting them together to see if they work. Is there a simple way to check the starter? I am going to check all of the fuses as soon as I am in my garage.

thanks again for the pointers!
Volusia Service Book try this it's for a 2001 thru 2004 but the bike hasnt changed should help out good info here in this manual better than the ow era manual
Thanks Larryk! I checked all of the fuses and it looks good. It might be the relays. This should be fun as I have just put the bike back together again. Oh well, hopefully it will all be sorted out after this!
best of luck to you let me know what you find out
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