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2004 Volusia Wiring diagram

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Hey all. Is there anywhere I can get a wiring diagram online? I'm sure the service manual has one but I'm fundamentally a cheap SOB and don't really want a whole manual for a turn signal swap-out.

Thanks gang.
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Does this help?


Brown---running light

Black with White stripe---ground

Black---left turn

Light Green---right turn

White Wire with Black stripe---brake light
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wiring turnsignals

most aftermarket turn signals only have two(2) wires coming from them..thats ok for the back of your bike ,but the front stock signals have three(3) because your front signals also are running lights. myself i am not useing running lights up front because i have spotlights with the headlight which make plenty of light. i just taped off the running light wire (the brown one ) and use my new blinkers as only turnsignals..all that said ,,here is the wiring code for the 04volusia

brown wire: running light
black: left turnsignal
light green: right turnsignal
white w/black stripe: brake light
black w/ white stripe : ground
If you still need a wiring diagram, I'll send you one. (I'll need your e-mail address.)
Ok, got her together with the new silver bullets. Damn they're small and BRIGHT. Plus they aren't normal amber, but a cooler, slightly darker orange.
What? No pics?? :D
I'll get some up soon. As it stands if I put one more picture of my bike online without putting a picture of my girlfriend somewhere for relatives to see, I may have to admit I have a problem.
OK - we won't tell anybody! :wink:

I just purchased a led flasher relay, the original flasher relay is also used for the side stand, therefore I have to do some rewiring to include this new relay my e-mail is [email protected], the diagram would be very usefull[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
Welcome to the VR. Stop by the newbie section and introduce yourself...

The info you need is on page 8-10 of the electrical section at this link...

Volusia Service Book
Thx for the reply, I have the service book, but quite vague on the flashers, I have to bypass two or three pins on the flasher/side-stand relay in order to incorporate this new relay, we'll just get out the old multimeter and get our hands dirty I
OK fellas I need some help on this one for real I’m not trying to steal it it’s mine I’m about ready to blow the son of a @&$ up Its an 04 baloisa 800
I thought the 100 on resistor diode went between the orange and yellow and the black and white what is the correct order and why is it still not working
Hey, good morning!

Welcome to zombieland. :)

Your message seems a bit disconnected from the topic.
Topic is about getting a wiring diagram, but you are stuffing in resistors and diodes. Into what, it isn't clear.

I would ask what it is you are trying to achieve?
Ok, by searching your other posts, you are trying to bypass the Ignition switch/key?

Here is the zoomed image of the connector for the ignition switch.
When you turn the key to 'On' it connects three different wire groups.
There isn't any diode involved with the ignition switch, unless you have found an article needing one? As you know, diodes work one direction only. Anode(+) to Cathode(-) depending on what they are trying to do. Are they trying to prevent a hot ground? Are they blocking other reverse voltage sources? Are there resistors and diodes INSIDE the key switch? Possibly. That is an unknown from the wiring diagram.

Here's what we do know...

Red is Battery +
Black/White is Battery -
Orange/Green FUSED Battery +, for Signals, Fuse 5

When set to 'On'
Looks like they are performing 3 separate connections
Red to Orange (jumper 1) Main power/Headlight
Orange/Red to Black/White (jumper 2) Providing ground for 'Ignitor' (this seems to be where people have placed the 100ohm resistor between these two. Doing this causes a partial voltage drop, so it doesn't completely ground but lands somewhere between 12 and 1 volt. If there is 100ohm in the 'Ignitor' then it will drop the system to 6 volts at the 'Ignitor' as an Anti-Theft deterrent.)
Orange/Green to Brown (jumper 3) Power for tail light

When set to 'Park'
It jumps only
Red to Brown
which powers up the Tail Light.

PROVIDED that the diagram is accurate, and Suzuki isn't messing with us.


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Sorry about the delay I wanted to take a moment and thank you very much for the clear and concise breakdown.I found it very helpful

pardon my need need to use prfanity

but ….

yiu fucking rock!!!

thank you very much for the time and energy you out out there on my behalf that was very kind of you

and I appreciate you for doing so
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