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2004 VL1500 Not starting

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The other day my bike started no problem in the morning but when I went to go get lunch my bike started but at a very low RPM despite the choke being all the way out, then it stalled itself. I tried it again and same thing. Then once more and it started. On my way home however it did the same thing once more. It started after 5 mins and I got home checked my battery which was at 11.8V. Charged it now it's at 12.8V and the bike now just won't start at all. I hold down the starter button and it trys starring itself but it won't start. There's no clicking noises it just sounds like the bike is trying to start but obviously can't. Any ideas?
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Is it turning over and just not firing? I'm guessing it's a fuel problem. Maybe stuck float valves? Try squirting a little gas or starter fluid in the carb opening and see if it fires. That will rule out an electrical problem.

Not sure about the carb'd versions, but on my '05 C90 (fuel injected) the pickup coil on the stator has gone bad twice.
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What year bike you got?
I have replaced my stator and rectifier on a 2006 Suzuki C90T boulevard and i have hard wired the rectifier into the bike with one of the red hot wires running to the positive post on the battery. I have lights, turn signals and radio but the bike will not crank. I have checked all fuses , the main, and the small ones on the right side of bike. I am getting no start. I will trace wires tomorrow but i was wandering if there is something i can go to quick or is the hot wire running from rectifier to battery causing the problem. Anyone knows i would appreciate the help
how many miles on the mc...
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