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'07 Boulevard C50 - No Neutral Light, Won't Start

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My riding buddy fired up his '07, drove to a gas station to fill up and couldn't get it to start. Trailered it back to his garage;
  • No neutral light - confirmed it is in neutral
  • Haven't found and blown fuses
  • No error codes
  • Ignition on, kill switch to run - you get the typical fuel pump sound, then followed by a buzzing sound under the tank, you can feel the left side of the throttle body (where the throttle cables attach) vibrating. Starter button with kickstand up and clutch pulled, a couple of clicks and that's it. The buzzing/vibrating doesn't stop.
Stumped. Any ideas?
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How old or condition is the battery? Battery could have enough juice to start the fuel pump but not enough for the starter...
I agree with davidc83, when my battery starts to leave this world the electrical system on my Volusia did some interesting things.
I would do a voltage test on the battery with a volt meter. I check the battery with the key in the off position to see if I have 12V or higher then turn the key to the on position (do not start the bike) and put the volt meter probes on the battery and hold them there for about 15-20 seconds. If your voltage starts to steadily drop after a few seconds that is an indicator of a bad cell in the battery. I had a Volusia for 7 years and every second summer I was putting a new battery in it. Every time I had to replace a battery it was a bad cell.
Last spring I bought a 2006 Boulevard C50 and this will be my second summer on it, we shall see if I need to replace the battery at some point this year......
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Check the kick stand switch. Mine broke and I couldn't start it. (probably not the problem, but a simple issue to check). Good Luck. Let us know what you find.
Thanks all. The 1 yr old Interstate battery needs replacement! Up and running.
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should have lasted more than a year...will be interesting to see how the new battery lasts. Glad to hear your running again. Ride safe.
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