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05 vstar 650 final drive leak

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I’m trying to find out what to do next IVE got a 2005 vstar 650 got it with 15,150 miles may of 21 now a year n some later 40,000 miles my rear end is leaking final fluid i drained an replaced with new but I’m not sure what to buy when it comes to seals it is only coming from around the drain bolt but It’s tight an cleaned what could be causing this?
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Welcome from Kennesaw GA!

This is a forum for Suzuki Boulevards, not Yamaha V-Stars, but maybe someone here has experience with them.
You need to find a VStar forum my man. We talk about Suzukis here. If you want, I can tell you how to disassemble a C50 final drive which is not applicable to your Yamaha and will likely get you lost with parts scattered all over your garage.
try here...maybe you can get some helpful info there...good luck
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Drain plugs are usually accompanied by a crush washer. Crush washers wear out, and sometimes they get lost when a fluid change is done. If yours is missing a crush washer, that COULD be your problem.
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