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Hi all, my brother and I have been searching for info on tuning his 05 m50 with about 1300miles, because some odd things we've seen with it after doing a few of the normal mods seen on here. So far we have de-paired, built exhaust pipes (with baffling), pulled the oem intake off and put a filter on the throttle body. When building the pipes we put in a wideband O2 sensor and gauge. While doing all these things we pulled and cleaned the injectors and had to replace the oem fuel pump (filter sock was eaten up and plugged the oem fuel pump).

When running (without a tuner) the afr is really rich and in the 9's at low rpms and low 10's and struggling to rev mid range, higher rpm's it does not get up to because of being so rich.

Of course once adding the pc3 in I can get the afr to idle in the 12.5-13afr range and dropping down to the 11.5-12 afr ranges at wot. Still on the rich side but I can manage it from there to get it up to the 13 ranges.

With the pc3 on it, compared to the dynojet maps available as starting points it just seems like we are having to pull out a huge amount of fuel just to get this thing to run or idle without being on the extreme rich side of things and just seems odd to us both. Going with what I would think by adding the pipes and open air filter, it should be lean before we started with the pc3 tuning.
Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


Oh and of course everyone loves pics to go along with the story, so here's what we are working on.

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