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05 C50 with 26 miles, what to service?

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Hi All

I just purchased a 2005 C50t from a charity auction with only 26 original miles. Apparently the owner drove home from the dealer and never rode it again. Starts and runs great. Besides changing fluids, new gas and a new battery is there anything else I should service? Tires still look and feel new so hoping not to replace them.
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Welcome from New Mexico :)

To start, the tires have to be replaced, they're almost 20 years old ! The shelf life of motorcycle tires are 5 years. They may look good, but your life depends on them being good.
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It's going to be my son first bike (he's 20) and I'd worry every time he rode if we didn't get him new tires. So I guess I can't get away with being cheap in this case.
At a minimum. Replace the tires, brake line, engine oil, fuel line, coolant and final drive fluid. There is a high likelihood that the tank is rusted, so be prepared to remove the tank, have it professionally cleaned and relined, then be ready to purchase a new fuel pump and new fuel injectors. It sounds like a lot, because it is a lot. A bike that has just sat for 18 years is going to have issues especially if the tank was never drained.
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I brought 83 shadow back to life this past winter and did every thing you just mentioned and more myself accept of course it's a carbureted bike. It had sat so long the brake fluid had dried out and the old gas was thick and brown. In this case I don't see any rust in the tank but the gas is more yellow than it should be and the brake fluid is slightly darker than it should be. I'll inspect all the rubber but won't replace anything unless I see cracks. I have no idea how it was stored all those years but it must have been climate controlled as there is zero rust, rubber looks great and the seats\saddle bags look brand new. If I learned anything from the shadow rebuild is have patience and don't over buy the parts I think I need but rather follow the diagnostics and only buy whats proven as needed. LOL and have towing insurance!
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The rubber will age, regardless of how it was stored. Any exposure to uv, ozone, humidity and heat will cause it to degrade. Don't rely on your towing insurance, especially if the front brake line blows and you son can't stop the bike.
Welcome from Kennesaw GA!

I was going to suggest replacing the tires and all fluids, along with a thorough inspection of all rubber. Sounds like that's been covered already, so I'll just say hi and show myself out.
My first question is, did they say if anyone did any work on it before the auction. Becaues if it started and ran good. With no work done to it I am amazed.
Welcome to the "New owner of a Boulevard with ridiculously low miles club"!

The fuel line running under the tank is recommended to be changed according to the factory manual. Any leak would fall onto the hot heads and exhaust and probably ignite.

A common occurrence is the fuel pump dies, the pump is replaced and then the bike loses power due to blown fuel regulator and/or clogged injectors from gasoline gummies. It's super easy to work on the fuel injection system, not too hard to pull out. The pump assembly is pretty expensive, the individual parts when you source them not so much. I've had my 2007 with 1100 miles on it running good for 2 years now. Hope it all goes well!
2 years...1100 miles...must be a Harley...
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